Seeing solid honey do you also think “it is expired”? Before you do anything impulsive, don’t throw it out! Your honey is not bad; it’s just changing. It’s crystallized honey.

Looking at crystallized honey   we often feel that it is either sugar candy or it’s not pure.

Crystallized honey good or bad?
Crystallized honey

Due to lack of awareness in the common masses, there is a perception that honey that crystallizes has “gone bad” or that it is a sign of contamination. No! It’s actually a sign of high quality honey.

Crystallization of honey is a natural and uncontrolled process, almost all pure raw honey crystallizes. But those who manufacture fake honey have spread the MYTH that if honey crystallizes it is FAKE.  

So let’s see the truth of crystallized honey?

Actually Pure raw and unheated honey has a tendency to crystallize over time.  Crystallization of honey is as simple as transformation of water to ice.

But why does this happen?

Glucose and fructose. These two F/G ratio play a key role in crystallization. Different flower nectars have different ratios, and the crystals in your honey will reflect those different ratios. If you know the ratio of these two F/G ratio Honeys with a low glucose-to-fructose ratio will crystallize more quickly and we find this to be true with floral honeys like mustard honey, eucalyptus and others. If the glucose-to-fructose ratio is high, like with flowering trees such as Jamun honey, Ajwain honey, Sheesham honey, Neem honey, then crystallization is much slower.

So, the first reason of honey crystallization is its F/G ratio. However, the rate of crystallization depends not only F/G ratio but also temperature factors:

Superbee Honey is more likely to crystallize, because we do not heat our honey at high temperatures. Temperatures lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit can cause crystallization. During those cold winter months, the honey begins to crystallize because of the lower temperatures. This crystallization even happens in the hive in colder temperatures.

You can make crystallized honey to normal again by putting honey jar in a pan full of warm water or in sun rays and from it you can also check whether honey is pure or not if it comes to its normal texture, then its pure.

But branded company processed the honey at high temperatures to keep honey slippery smooth and liquid form. So we have a suggestion for you that do not eat that branded slippery smooth and liquid form honey, because excess heat (Above 50 degrees Fahrenheit) will change the makeup of the honey, and destroys all preferred enzymes and vitamins and minerals.

Keeping it close to raw or crystallized is great for your Health

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