Everybody wish for strong, healthy and long hair. In this article we’ll look at 14 steps to help strengthen your strands, boost hair growth, increase hair volume and enhance the look, feel, and health of your hair.

Propolis hair Oil and Shampoo

1.) Why to choose the right product?

Health of hair depends on the products we are using on them, choosing the right product ensures that you’re making a right choice for your hair and it’s important to use Herbal products over Chemical based products,

Chemical shampoos- Yes, they claim results fast,but the results wear off fast too, as soon as you stop using it. It Contains horrible chemicals such as Sulfates, Parabens Polyethylene Glycols, Formaldehyde, Alcohol & Fragrances which are harmful.These shampoos usually have no long term benefit to your hair.These shampoos induce major hair problems like: – dry, frizzy, thin hair, baldness, itchiness & dandruff

Herbal products Contains all-natural ingredients are better for hair health in the long run and gives better hair quality suits all hair types and best for all hair types, regular use of herbal shampoo helps to balance out nutrient, moisture and nourishment of hair.

2.)Oil your hair before shampoo:Oiling hair provides external nourishment that wears off due to pollution, change of season or environmental factors.Propolis hair oil has nourishment of six different natural oils with the power of propolis and royaljelly amino acids, minerals, vitamins B, C and E, flavonoids, a phenol that are essential nutrients for hair growth and making hair voluminous. Oiling acts as a re-nourish agent making your hair appear smooth, softer and silkier. Always make sure to oil your hair right before shampoo as oiling replenishes nutrients back into the hair that shampoo can never do.

3.)Washing your hair : Using Shampoo removes, dust, dirt, and makes hair squeaky clean and fresh, chemical based shampoo strips natural hair oil produced by your scalp that acts as a barrier against dirt but also becomes a dust magnet.However it’s always recommended to do hair wash once a week is better than 2-3 as it can cause hair-fall, or even worse make your scalp oily, so if you have oily scalp you need to stop washing hair so frequently and switch to hair-wash 1 a week. Thank us later.

Where as Propolis shampoo locks your natural oils and boost the hair growth, stops early graying, strengthen the roots.

Propolis shampoo and Propolis hair oil together helps in achieving healthy long and strong hair and you don’t need any conditioner afterwards as Suberbee Propolis oil provides nutrients and Superbee Propolis shampoo nourishes the hair and stops hair fall.

Superbee Propolis hair oil and shampoo combo
Induce Hair growth, stops hair fall and helps in making hair strong,healthy, long.

4.)DIY deep conditioning: Deep conditioning helps during an extremely hot and humid climate when hair becomes frizzy as it soaks up hydration from hair.During winters when it’s extremely cold and extends hair fall because hair are not as nourished as they should be. DIY hair masks come in handy during extreme weather conditions.

Hair mask– 1 tablespoon curd and 2 tsp Eucalyptus honey, apply and wait for 30 minutes.Honey works as a great hair moisturizer, smooth the hair follicles, add shine and curd reduce stubborn dandruff and itchiness.

5.)Applying serum: after hair wash,apply serum or Argan oil to hair as it makes hair soft, manageable and protects hair from sun damage, and keeps hair tangle-free and smooth.

6.)Use the right comb : Use A wide-tooth comb for detangle your hair.Use a seamless boar bristle brush for brushing your hair and comb your hair gently, if there is a hair knot apply hair serum first and brush hair through with small gentle strokes.

7.)Eat Bee pollen as a multivitamin: Yes, eating natural vitamin helps with fast absorption of vitamins as compared to over the counter vitamin. Bee pollen is called Superfood due to its protein, amino acid, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. It reverses hair fall and can strengthen the hair strand.

8.)Avoid washing your hair with hot water: Hot water doesn’t add anything good to your hair and only makes hair brittle, more frizzy. Washing your hair in water causes dandruff and makes hair prone to breakage and further the damage the tresses.Wash your hair in cold/normal water helps to make hair shinier and healthier.

9.)Use heat-protection: We love to style our hair, experiment those curls, straight hair and different hairstyles, play with your hair be muse a the artist nut always make sure to apply heat protectant on hair that ensures a layer that doesn’t burn hair and protects hair from heat damage.

10.)Healthy diet: Add some green leafy veggies to promote hair growth as it also provide important vitamins, including

vitamins K -Amla,Spinach, Cauliflower,

Vitamin- C,Mango,Papaya and pineapple,

Vitamin E- nuts, seeds

Vitamin B -milk, cheese, eggs and eventually helps hair growth.

11.)Avoid hair colouring, rebonding, Keratin treatment:Rebonding and Keratin a process of adding chemicals to the hair and using heating tools to secure those chemicals. What does that make?A recipe for disaster!
These permanent or semi-permanent procedures only gets worse with time when you see roots showing after hair colouring revisiting parlours for touch-ups.These Rebonding and Keratins arent healthy as parlour lady claims it to be its a solution yes but not a permanent or long term beneficial one.These procedures wear off so does the quality of hair and your hair ends up in worse condition. These procedures further the problem and affect hair growth.

12.)Exercising and sleep: Exercising and sleeping helps to promote hair growth as when you exercise it helps in better absorption of nutrients from the food you eat hence improving hair growth. Lack of sleep and improper sleeping patterns makes you stressed and takes a toll on your body by not letting it get enough rest so that our body can repair itself and when we are more relaxed it helps for a better break down and absorption of nutrients and promotes hair growth.

13.)Protective hairstyles: Always using protective hairstyles such as a braid, bun or securing it in a turban, is of immense help as the hair is not all over the place, it’s secure, it reduces tangling and knots in the hair.Due to less friction, they promote hair growth. Make sure to secure hair at night instead of sleeping with hair open.

14.)Use a satin pillowcase: A satin pillowcase is soft and doesn’t cause friction so it doesn’t make hair frizzy, or tangled up, unlike cotton pillowcase that causes friction and causes hair fall.



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