It is that day of the year again. The day Nostalgia hits you and breaks you into laughter and also makes you cry with the memories you’ve made with your friends. From your memories of drunk texting your ex to the memories where you almost got killed because of your stupid and crazy ideas. All of them are the treasure of time that we’ve collected with our friends. Friends are the guiding lights that are themselves blind. 

Let’s get nostalgic and look onto the different kinds of friends we’ve had or we’ve been.

The Gym Addict  

They are known for Working out and flexing muscles. They stay in gym 24*7 and talk about it only when they are anywhere else. They are the major resource during a fight. 

Mirror! Protein shake! Workout!  

The Mom 

She doesn’t make friends, she adopts them. She has solution to all your problems and might carry stuff for emergencies. She helps you sneak out of your home for outing by getting permissions. 

The Party animal 

They ask for party for literally everything. They love to dance and are the last one to leave dance floor. They have an energetic personality that keep all the blue vibes away. 

The Serial hitter  

They make clap sounds with a single hand. They hit you for no reason, while laughing or crying or whatever. 

The Free therapist 

They provide free therapy to their friends. They are very comforting and are a shoulder to cry on. They have the best consoling words and always guide you in troubled life situations.  

The Nerd  

They are the academic beasts with the best notes and knowledge. They have an opinion on every topic. They have a very serious relationship with books. 

The Trouble Maker 

They are the wild elements of the group and are known for bad decisions. They take advice session for hours and follow them for seconds. They can jump in well just for fun. They are the ones you’ve the quirkiest memories with.  

Dora the Explorer  

They are the blind travellers who are always on a trip or planning for one. Their Instagram is a travelling page. They Might ask you to plan a trip to Goa! 

Makeup Lover  

They carry makeup as a necessity. They fix their makeup after every 10 minutes. They are very artistic and can distinguish 20 shades of pink.  

The Fashionista  

They always have an on-point fashion statement and always wear trendy outfits. They make you click a zillion photograph. They help you choose outfits on a date. They drool over sale posters and shop wildly. 

The Infectious Laugh

Their laughter makes you laugh. They are always having a Chill-pill.

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