Just for you SUPERBEE’S MULTIFLORA HONEY! Strengthen your immune system

  • Multiflora Honey is 100pure natural honey made of organic ingredients.
  • Superbee’s Multiflora Honey guarantees 100 % pure honey WITHOUT sugar, especially for diabetic patients.
  • Superbee’s Multiflora Honey contains vitamins and minerals which help in reducing cough.
  • It is also used as a treatment for throat irritation as it has antibacterial, anti-fungal properties and phytonutrients.
  • It also aids in proper functioning of digestive system and also helps in reducing weight.
  • Most of all, it provides energy and strengthens immunity so that you can stay fit, feel young.
  • Superbee’s Multiflora honey enhances athletic performance as well.

Superbee Multiflora honey is considered to be the BEST NATURAL SWEETENER which has tremendous health benefits.

  • From regulating blood sugar levels to treating cough, cold and fever, Superbee Multiflora honey is unheated & 100% pure with no additivesno artificial colour and no added sugar which are why it retains its original nutrients.
  • It helps in improving the texture of your skin and hair.
  • It also contains medicinal properties and can help in healing small burns. It makes food healthier and tastier, with many more additional benefits.

Honey is a gift from nature (or honey bees, to be more precise) that does wonders. As mentioned above, it has had many useful applications throughout human history since it was discovered.

BENEFITS OF Natural Honey

  • used in cooking,
  • for beauty/wound/disease management,
  • helps in weight loss,
  • an energy source for our body is rich in vitamins and minerals,
  •  has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties

Best thing about honey? It easily mixes in blood.

Superbee Multiflora honey


Extracted from the nectar of many flowers, Multiflora honey as either been blended / mixed up by the bees as the fly from one variety of flower to another or it may have been mixed by the beekeeper or processing factory.

Multiflora  flower of superbee


It is used as a sweetener and can replace sugar. It will also replace sugar’s bad effects on human body with its good effects.

  1. Can be consumed with nuts and water just after waking up.
  2. Can have it chapati’s and even eat it as sweet dish.
  3. Can pour it on your cereals, pancakes or oatmeal.


Just a good to know fact that honey never expires. Yes, you read it right! Honey is a miracle of nature, it never goes bad. It was reported that archaeologists found 2000-year -old jars of honey in Egyptian tombs and they still tasted pure and delicious.

Alright, ever seen crystals at the bottom your honey jar?

More facts?

No, it doesn’t mean that your honey went bad. Crystallisation is a natural process in which the liquid present in honey crystallises. If ever your honey crystallises, place the jar in some warm water and stir till the crystals dissolve.

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