Stay safe and boost your immunity with Superbee
Worried how to stay safe? How to boost immunity?
Found a patient in the locality?

Not feeling well and want to protect yourself?
Superbee is here to rescue and would like to help you strengthen your immunity with the best natural remedy of Propolis & Ashwagandha enriched Honey.
In a research concluded by IIT DELHI & AIST JAPAN, it’s said that Ashwgandha and Propolis can work as an effective COVID-19 drug.

Propolis & Ashwagandha Enriched Honey.
propolis and ashwgandha enriched honey

How and why Propolis and Ashwgandha enriched Honey will help ?
Propolis is a natural bee product that is antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and anti-asthmatic with high amount of flavonoids and iodine which help build IMMUNITY .

Propolis blocks the pathway and multiplication of virus .Ashwagandha and Propolis has the tendency to kill the infection or virus cells. Honey is known to be the best natural immunity booster since the Vedic times . This ancient remedy of Ashwagandha and Propolis with honey will be useful to boost immunity and keep you safe from covid -19 naturally .

In the fight against Corona, your body’s immunity is your last mile defence. It’s your force field. This super immunity boosting formula works wonders for patients tested Covid-positive and has aided in building a superfast immunity to tackle the viral outbreak.

For frontline workers who have been risking their lives by being exposed to the virus daily, even their immunities need strengthening more than ever. Superbee Propolis and Ashwagandha enriched Honey is an excellent recommendation!

One of the many proud moments Superbee has shared is of when one of Delhi’s esteemed hospital’s 9 nurses were examined and only one of the nurses reported a negative test report, because she had been a consumer of Superbee Propolis products.
In another instance, patients with mild symptoms on consumption of our immunity booster tended to recover in a few days.

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Direction for use:-

Preventive : Mix 5-6 ml Propolis tincture along with Luke warm water, gargle it and swallow it. (Twice a day )

Curative : Mix 5-6 ml Propolis tincture along with Luke warm water, gargle it and swallow it. (Thrice a day )

In case of severe cough and throat infection , put black rock salt in the solution.

Preventive and curative : Take Propolis & Ashwagandha enriched honey, (Twice a day, after meal)


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