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সুপারবি বি পোলেন একটি সুপার ফুড

বি পোলেন - একটি জীবন সমৃদ্ধি কর উন্নত খাদ্য। কখনো ভেবেছেন মৌমাছির পদধূলি দিয়ে আপনার শরীর আরো স্বাস্থ্যকর  হয়ে...

PROPOLIS : Another thing that Honey bees make.

OH YES! That’s true, bees also make a compound called PROPOLIS. You must be thinking what exactly is PROPOLIS?
Beekeeping: selection of bees & life cycle of bees

Beekeeping: Selection of bees & life cycle of bees

Selection of good quality honey bees Selection of good quality bees depending upon floral conditions and capability of...

Beekeeping in India: Honeybee Farming

What is beekeeping ? Beekeeping (or apiculture) from Latin: apis "bee") is the maintenance of honey bee colonies, commonly in man-made hives, by humans to attain...
superbee's Apiary Site

Beekeeping: Selection of Apiary Site and risk factor

Risk for Apiary Site selection Contamination from the environment Heavy metalsRadioactivityPesticidesBacteriaGMOsAntibiotics in waste water...