Why to oil your hair?

Oiling hair regularly provides your hair with essential nutrients by preventing hair-fall, dandruff, frizzy hair,and damaged hair

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Can Bee Propolis cure Coronavirus?

Super bee has a product for Coronavirus and that is PROPOLIS, https://youtu.be/WcJlWym3Ctk

Amla Murabba- One fruit with multiple benefits

Amla Murabba is high in fibre, and has anti-ageing properties,amla is rich in vitamin A ,C and E, consuming amla murabba helps boost immunity and fight against diseases.Amla is a good source of minerals such as vitamin C,chromium, zinc, copper, iron are essentially important for boosting immunity.It is also effective for digestive/gastric problems and constipation.

Can Garlic Murabba prevent form infection or new coronavirus?

We all know that garlic and honey have their own benefits. But when they're consumed together as a Murabba they can...
Honeybee caste

Honeybee Castes and their work Information

Honeybee Castes and their work Information : Every honeybee colony is a family and each colony contains three adult castes: egg-laying queens, sperm-producing male drones...

Gift health this Rakshabandhan with SuperBee

The Festival Season is here! Festivals are all about Celebration, joy, love and most importantly gifts. Rakshabandhan , the festival of togetherness...